Meanwhile in Pondicherry it was only 37 today. I took the moped there from Auroville in the morning to have a new pair of glasses made. I had my current pair made there too, 3 years ago. Eye tests seem to be growing more sophisticated all the time. Running around Pondy on my moped, I … Continue reading Pondicherry


I'm in Auroville for a few final days before returning to Israel/Palestine. I've been coming here for several years now, though usually for a much longer period. This year I decided to spend the majority of my time in Tiruvannamalai. Auroville is the utopian dream-child of Mira Alfassa, an alternative international township based on the … Continue reading Auroville


The tiny guest house (just three rooms I think) where I'm staying is set in a lovely location by a mountain brook, which seems to be unpolluted enough to allow fishing. The guest house itself is quite smart and tidy. There's a nice hammock on the balcony outside my room and below the balcony there's … Continue reading Garbage


All the South Asian scripts owe their origins to the old Brahmi script which, like Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. and most other alphabets is supposed to have come originally from proto-sinaitic inscriptions of which were discovered in 1904 in the Sinai peninsula. According to that theory, most alphabets have the same origin. "Many scholars … Continue reading Alphabets

Nature Walk

I found a Swiss couple today willing to split the cost of a guided nature walk in the forest. This was very enjoyable and interesting. After donning special anti-leech socks, we went in, accompanied by Ajesh, from the Manan tribe. All of the forest guides are recruited from the tribal peoples who have traditionally lived … Continue reading Nature Walk