Sebald’s prose

A good writer is a good communicator, which requires an eye for detail and a knowledge of what is being described. "Everyone was plainly already asleep, and it was some time before an aged porter emerged from the depths of the house. He was so doubled over that he cannot have been able to see … Continue reading Sebald’s prose

The Emigrants

Reading Sebald's "The Emigrants". I so much enjoy his writings. His early death was such a cruel tragedy, but somehow reminds me of the stories and anecdotes he writes about: "Sebald [aged 57] died while driving near Norwich in December 2001. The coroner's report, released some six months later, stated that Sebald had suffered an … Continue reading The Emigrants


"In the Roman basilica of Santa Sabina, site of the motherhouse of the order of Friars Preachers, the remains of a fifth century mosaic can be seen. It depicts two women, each with a book in her hand and beneath each is an inscription: Ecclesia ex Circumcisione on one side, Ecclesia ex Gentibus on the … Continue reading Ecclesia


Feeling out of joint with the culture or our times as I do, I find myself escaping either into the future, through the reading of science fiction, or into the past, by reading works of earlier times, especially of those authors who seem more in tune with my soul, due probably to a similar defect … Continue reading Prosed