Coming to grips with the world in the Trump era

I don't know if anyone has figured out yet how to deal with Trump and the new era he has forced upon us.  It's questionable whether the normal state of opposition to regimes that we don't approve of is sufficient in the case of Trump. Many journalists seem to have adopted a total opposition that … Continue reading Coming to grips with the world in the Trump era

Post-truth reality

" It has been obvious for some time that social media were moving us in the direction of a post-truth polity. The rise of Donald Trump (and Brexit) suggests that we have arrived at that particular destination. " Russian hacking of the US election is the most extreme case of how the internet is changing … Continue reading Post-truth reality

Across conflicts

I'm sorry nowadays that I didn't see more of Pakistan, when I was there in the 1970s. I took the train up from Zahedan in southern Iran, through Baluchistan to Quetta, where I broke the journey for a night, before continuing to Lahore and the Wagah border. It would have been interesting to see Waziristan … Continue reading Across conflicts