After seeing Bladerunner 2049

All is in God. The reason that God is conceived as the Creator in the Middle Eastern/Western religions is that the Divine Consciousness is a fount of imagination - from the imagination can emerge limitless manifestations.  We exist as projections of this Divine Consciousness and, from our position of blindness, try to probe the limits … Continue reading After seeing Bladerunner 2049

I, Daniel Blake We need to exist in alternative support networks of our own, outside State structures: communities, sanghas, churches, tribes, clans, whatever we are comfortable with.  Modern nations, whether so-called welfare states or otherwise, are too large, cold, insensitive to the needs of their populations. That this happens is just another sign of the way in … Continue reading I, Daniel Blake

Polanski’s The Ghost (Writer)

This excellent thriller is about a person called to write the memoirs of a fictionalized Tony Blair, who turns out to have been a CIA stooge. It's certainly ironic to be watching it today, when we have a new American president accused of being a Russian lapdog.