Paying attention

I'm thinking that our lives are like a rich field of individual moments and responses; interactions with persons, things, situations. Whatever way we find to allow these moments to reverberate in our consciousness permits the weaving of them into an intricate tapestry, that gives joy through its beauty and intelligence. Processing our experiences through private … Continue reading Paying attention

Complacency and its antidotes

Richard Stallman's Political Notes is a superbly curated timeline of horrors that lie just under the surface. It should be read every morning as an inoculation against complacency. There are a few people who perform a similar service around specific issues. In Israel/Palestine there's Amos Gvirtz, who for years has been publishing and sending to … Continue reading Complacency and its antidotes


The plan for the remaining years is to grow freer, lighter and less encumbered till eventually there is nothing left to weigh down the soul and it takes off into space, because it has grown lighter than the atmosphere. Isn't this a worthier aspiration than being gradually pulled down into the earth by the deadweight … Continue reading Plan


My friends and colleagues are much smarter than me. They have correct answers for everything. They are super-confident and know exactly what to say to anyone who thinks differently. They have a knack for dealing with every possible situation and always come out looking good. Me, I'm an idiot.  I make dumb mistakes. When I … Continue reading Confusion