daunted by disqus logins

I'm fairly careful with passwords - I use a password manager.  But just occasionally something goes wrong or gets outdated.  That happened now with Disqus.  So I went through the attempt to make a new account, discovered I had an old one, did the password reset.  But the darn thing still didn't work, so I … Continue reading daunted by disqus logins

Abandon the entire social networking model?

I'm beginning to grow weary both of the commercial social networks and their alternatives.  The web outside of them was always more expansive and interesting than that which is caught within them.  Its content is more usefully captured directly than through artificial filters.  I would be more interested to read what my friends publish unconstrained … Continue reading Abandon the entire social networking model?

My Private Social

GNU Social is a fairly mature federated Twitter-style network based on (and merged with) Status.Net - the free open source network devised by Evan Prodromou. Prodromou and his company E14N has gone on to create yet another network called Pump.io, but remains involved with GNU Social too. [See update at the end of this post!] … Continue reading My Private Social

Gnu Social

I had a pleasant discovery today: Gnu Social .  It had been around for a couple of years, but it turns out that last summer, Evan Prodromou, the developer of Status.Net, "donated all of his work to the Free Software Foundation, so we merged the existing project with StatusNet and another project called FreeSocial. And here … Continue reading Gnu Social

Social networks need their Outlook Express moment

What we are waiting for in social networks is not for some newer, better, more privacy-aware network to replace Facebook (whose account I recently deleted) but a successful desktop or web application that will transparently work with Facebook, Twitter, and all new and aspiring networks. In email, we had Outlook Express, that was installed automatically … Continue reading Social networks need their Outlook Express moment

Budding open source alternatives to Facebook

A few days ago Diaspora, the venture by four programmers to build an opensource, federated social network that would compete with Facebook, released its code to developers, having reached a phase where minimal implementation was already possible. The group promised, from the beginning, to set up a site that would be similar to WordPress.com or … Continue reading Budding open source alternatives to Facebook