Spiritual Teachers

I like to think of myself these days as being without a teacher. I've decided to find my own way, during the years ahead, to draw my own conclusions, etc. And I realise I have grown a little dull, not just to the lure of teachers, but also somewhat to the magic of life itself. … Continue reading Spiritual Teachers

Dharma as a spiritual practice that can maybe save the planet

Dharma as a spiritual practice that can maybe save the planet I. Separation and underlying unity The world, the universe, reality, can be said to exist both in diversity and in unity. In diversity it exists as a conglomeration of separate semi-autonomous parts. These semi-autonomous parts are governed by laws of self-preservation. But ultimately they … Continue reading Dharma as a spiritual practice that can maybe save the planet


The way of thinking of our current era has given emphasis to self-involvement, self importance. For this reason we have given obeisance to religious and political leaders and credence to their human-based ideologies and causes. My inclination is to chuckle instead. It is not that the individual lacks value, but that the value is transcendent. … Continue reading Largeness

Rubaiyat of Sarmad

Lately I've been reading a translation of Sarmad by Paul Smith, who seems to have translated almost the whole body of Persian language Sufi poetry into English - tons of material. Paul Smith is a disciple of the 20th century spiritual teacher Meher Baba, whose center near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra I've visited. Interestingly the small … Continue reading Rubaiyat of Sarmad


I wonder still, about using this term "divine", because it seems to be tainted with the same problem which I think we need to overcome in order to obtain a more real vision: - the problem of everyday vision is one of outlook: we think of ourselves as separate subjects, and therefore see a universe … Continue reading Divinity