Meanwhile in Pondicherry it was only 37 today. I took the moped there from Auroville in the morning to have a new pair of glasses made. I had my current pair made there too, 3 years ago. Eye tests seem to be growing more sophisticated all the time. Running around Pondy on my moped, I … Continue reading Pondicherry


I'm in Auroville for a few final days before returning to Israel/Palestine. I've been coming here for several years now, though usually for a much longer period. This year I decided to spend the majority of my time in Tiruvannamalai. Auroville is the utopian dream-child of Mira Alfassa, an alternative international township based on the … Continue reading Auroville

Nature Walk

I found a Swiss couple today willing to split the cost of a guided nature walk in the forest. This was very enjoyable and interesting. After donning special anti-leech socks, we went in, accompanied by Ajesh, from the Manan tribe. All of the forest guides are recruited from the tribal peoples who have traditionally lived … Continue reading Nature Walk


39 degrees and time for afternoon rest; following lunch with the standard fare of rice, rasam, sambar, gram, a spinach dish, perhaps, followed by buttermilk. Discussion about sadhana and Nehru, with my kind old host.